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Keep Rugby Clean e-learning
Be super natural - Keep Rugby Clean

Learn about doping in Rugby and the importance of staying clean. Our educational resource will show you all you need to know.

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World Rugby guideline on dietary supplements

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Players who insist on using dietary supplements should consider the following risk assessment prior to using any dietary supplement.

Note: The above points do not abdicate a Player’s responsibility as the consumption of any supplement remains at the Player’s own risk regardless of the precautionary measures the Player adopts.

Case study:

Adam Dean, a 17-year-old Rugby Player was achieving his highest honours at his age group in Rugby, receiving international caps for England at the Under 18 group.

Following the pressures of being told he needed to be “bigger, faster and stronger”, Adam began the use of supplements to complement his training and diet. Although aware of having to adhere to the rules of the Prohibited List, the education Adam had received had not made him fully aware of the risk of potential contamination of supplements and he decided to make his decision based on his own research. Adam chose a supplement that did not have any prohibited substances on the product label, a product that also made claims of being “suitable for drug tested athletes.”

Assuming that the information provided by the manufacturer was accurate and substantiated, Adam began to take the supplements as part of his training regime. Adam tested positive for 19-Norandrosterone (a prohibited anabolic agent) and the only explanation Adam could comprehend was that the positive test was attributable to the supplements that he was taking. Adam was banned for two years from Rugby.

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